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Remember when it was scary to put in your creditcard details or using the dang thing? Here comes the blockchain to make things worse!

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Remember when putting in your creditcard for payment was scary?
Oh well, here comes the next internet.. prepare and be brave! No worries, we got ya @Dutch Web3.

Protect your digital assets by following some security best practices!
Blockchain wallets, like MetaMask and Ledger, are a great way to store and manage your digital assets. Well now let's see if we can keep our wallets safe! Keep your recovery phrase and password secure! You have entered the world of non-custodial wallets, the only way to recover is by using the recovery phrase. Don't share your password and recovery phrase with anyone, and if you can please store them in different safe places. (I stored a piece of paper at my families house with half of mine don't tell them that)

Use a strong password, password generators are awesome at this! Make sure to use a strong and unique password for your wallet. Be Careful When Accessing Your Wallet from Public Computers or Unsecured Networks It's important to be cautious when accessing your wallet from public computers or unsecured networks. Two factor authentication is kind of different here then in other applications! If you have a Ledger hardware wallet, it provides you with the opportunity to use two-factor authentication. This will require you to enter a code from your ledger whenever you access your wallet. Very safe, but like with most abstractions of interactions this isn't ideal. A big plus of a ledger is that it creates your recovery phrase beforehand instead of that its happening on your computer. Extracting Your Recovery Phrase on a computer is best to be avoided if possible. Extracting your recovery phrase into a computer or phone should be your go to solution when you lose the ledger but still have the recovery phrase. Have an understanding of hot and cold wallets Consider creating multiple wallets and using a hot wallet to interact with smart contracts. You could even use a cold ledger and a hot ledger next to that. See the cold @Ledger as your vault! Keep your digital hygiene in order! Make sure to keep software up to date and reset your passwords on a 3 monthly basis. Keep Your Hardware Wallet Safe Keep your hardware wallet safe and don't share it with anyone. Trust, but verify Always Verify Before Interacting Online Make sure to verify before interacting online to protect your assets. Remember, it's important to protect your digital assets. Identity, credit By following these best practices, you can help keep your blockchain wallet safe. Don't take your security for granted - it's worth taking the time to safeguard your valuable assets.

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